House: Decrease in Poverty in BPS Report Doubted

Medan (ANTARA News) – The accuracy of a report from the Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) in issued in November 2007 which showed a decrease in the number of people in Indonesia living under the poverty line needs to be verified, a legislator said.

“It is irrational, as the poverty rate has recorded a decrease of about 2.13 million while the unemployment rate in the country is very high,” he said on the sidelines of a working meeting of the National Mandate Party`s Enforcement Youths (BM PAN) here on Sunday.

bps.jpgNovember`s report of the BPS said that the number of Indonesianse living under the poverty line declined by 2.13 percent to 37.17 million compared to last year`s same period, namely 39.30 million.

In addition, BPS also reported that the total number of poor people in the villages recorded a sharp decline of 1.2 million, while the rate of those living in urban areas reached only 0.93 percent.

Accordintg to Nasril, the figures reported by BPS were still not relevant to the current economic condition apparent in the as apparent from the real sector which was still weak, in the decline in the channeling of bank credits, and a drop in productivity in the agricultural sector.

“The only index of Indonesia`s economic growth which still shows a sharp increase is only the portofolio,” he said.

Hence, data on the poor should be surveyed again and comparative data are also needed, so that the performance of the present government could also be determined and evaluated. (*)

Senin, 26 November 2007


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